IMG_7797As I stepped over the snow melt and crossed Ala-Too Square this morning on my way to the university, I saw this fleet of about 15 ambulances parked in neat rows. A cluster of men gathered about; some polished the vehicles, and others chatted as more ambulances arrived.

IMG_7806ambulance detail

“What is it?” I asked. One man told me they were new machines, and the drivers had gathered to have their photo taken. I thought I should take their photo as well. As evidenced here, the ambulance drivers were a formidable group who were clearly impervious to my charms.

ambulance drivers

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  1. Marilyn Downey February 28, 2014 / 18:49

    They’re a devoted lot! No gallows humor even allowed!

    Thanks for my Bday wishes !

    Did you conduct that whole conversation in Russian? My, you are getting very good!

    And finally, I loved the Ted talk and indeed you are a wonderful explorer of the world. I like honoring and keeping the world nonhomogeneous! More of tHat!

    Death valley pines for us … I pine for it…


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