Arm Wrestling Competition

On the evening of Defenders of the Fatherland Day, within the walls of AUCA, the Office of Student Affairs and the Student Senate sponsored the annual Arm Wrestling Competition. This year’s event was different because women and staff also took part in the contests. Wrestlers were divided into two categories: Heavyweight and the under-75 kg. Arm Wrestling heavyweight world champion Artur Shmoilov and Arm Wrestling Kyrgyz Federation member Vladimir Fotin refereed the bouts.

Every competitor displayed strength and dignity, but some were just a little bit better.


Winner – Takutdinova Diana

Second place – Isaeva Meerim

Third place – Beksultanova Sezim

Men – Under-75 Kg Weight Class:

Winner – Otonbaev Sultan

Second place – Abduhalilov Nurali

Third place – Emilyev Adilet

 Men – Heavyweight Class:

Winner – Dzhusupbekov Kalys

Second place – Kendzhahunov Dovran

Third place – Mamadrizohunov Akobir

All winners were presented with medals, certificates and valuable prizes by the Public Relations Office and the Student Senate.

We want to congratulate all men on Defenders of the Fatherland Day and all winners on their victories!

 P.S. Fortunately no one was hurt during the competition.

~ from the AUCA website


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