Still darkish. Moving from dream to day and I felt the bed tremble. Earthquake.

The official news account:

Southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul felt 7-intensity tremors from the earthquake this morning, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan said referring to the Seismology Institute.

The quake particularly occurred on November 14 at 7.24 am 6 km east of the village of Kazhi-Sai, according to updated report.

The villages of Kazhi-Sai, Bokonbayevo, Tosor, Ton and Tamga felt the tremors of 7 seismic intensity, the town of Balykchy – 4.5, Karakol – 5, Cholpon-Ata – 4.5, and Naryn – 4. Bishkek felt the earthquake of 3.

Residents of the Issyk-Kul settlements reported that the earthquake damaged their houses. Eyewitnesses described the earthquake as a strong one.

One of the residents of Bokonbayevo thus told AKIpress that cracks appeared on his house.

The Emergency Situations Ministry continues to receive the information about damages.

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